Business All-Stars Virtual Tribe Meet-Up & Learning Webinar

Co-Host: Elaine Carroll

CEO | All-Ireland Busines Foundation


Kapil Khanna

MD | All-Ireland Busines Foundation


Guest: Alan Shortt

Presenter, Broadcaster, Comedian, Actor & MC - All-Ireland Business Summit 2020

Topics: Welcome to our first virtual TRIBE Meet-Up and Learning Webinar where we discuss:

  1. The 8 main challenges that you are facing 
  2. 5 C's that you control right now  -it's about focussing on the controllables!
  3. ACE framework to get you through the day. 
  4. Our guest, Alan Shortt shares tools and tips:
  • To help you embrace the future of work.
  • Know the skills required for working outside the office.
  • Learn keys to proper self-management.
  • Learn ways to manage time efficiently.
  • Know different methods of organisation and planning.
  • Identify various forms of communication and their proper use.
  • Address and resolve challenges that remote workers can face.

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