Leadership in the Never Normal...

Training Your Mind and Preparing Your Business for an Era of Constant Change

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Session Details​

  • Speaker: Mark Little​​, Journalist and Entrepreneur CEO and co-founder of Kinzen 

  • Host: Elaine Carroll, CEO, All-Ireland Business Foundation

Masterclass Details

COVID has been a once-in-a-lifetime challenge to every business, big and small. But in this crisis is also an opportunity. The business people who emerge strongest are those who learn to question the conventional wisdom about management and leadership. And the future will belong to executives and entrepreneurs who can help their teams prepare for an era of perpetual change.

Meet The Speaker: Mark Little​​

​Mark Little is an entrepreneur and journalist. He spent 20 years in broadcast news, as a reporter and presenter for RTE. He was the station’s first Washington Correspondent. In 2001, he won the Irish TV Journalist of the Year award for his reporting from Afghanistan.


He was also anchor of the current affairs programme Prime Time. In 2010, he founded the world’s first social news agency Storyful, which was eventually sold to News Corp. He worked for Twitter, as Vice President for Media in Europe and Managing Director of its International Headquarters. In 2017, he co-founded Kinzen, which combines editorial skills and artificial intelligence to protect and promote quality information.

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