The Top Lessons In How The World's Most Elite Leaders Behave And Act

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Session Details​

  • Guest: Jonny Cooper, Elite Performer and Human High Performance Expert

  • Host: Elaine Carroll, CEO, All-Ireland Business Foundation

Leadership Series: Session Details

As a business leader have you ever wondered how the world’s most elite performers and leaders execute consistently? The last year in particular has introduced change on so many levels – from where and how we work to how we continue to serve our customers. Managing pressure, deadlines and change, we will look at what elevates the best leaders in the world and how they stay unrivalled in what they do.

During the session:

As an elite performer himself who has studied high performance in humans, Jonny shares with us the follow insights:

  • Common traits of the world's top leaders
  • Practical tools that you can take away to impact your teams
  • How the best of the best are able to manage and sustain performance

There will also be open Q&As at the end of the session.

Meet The Speaker: Jonny Cooper

Widely known for his sporting achievements, predominantly as an All-Star footballer for his native Dublin, Jonny is part of the KPMG Ireland team where he works in their People & Change Advisory Practice.He works with client organisations in a people advisory capacity, within areas such as change management, organisational design, culture development, leadership development and team development. 


As a successfully proven elite performer Jonny has a strong desire to lead, influence and inspire people and teams across a range of sectors. Having spent time on cultural exchanges in Ireland, the UK and Australia researching elite environments Jonny also has a 12-year practical elite sporting background; helping to practically develop behaviours, systems and structures that enhance individual and team performances. 


Jonny holds an MSc in Organisational Behaviour and Psychology from Dublin City University, an Executive Coaching Diploma from the Irish Management Institute, a Special Purpose Award in Professional Leadership from Maynooth University of Ireland, and an undergraduate degree in Sports Science and Health. His sporting and professional experiences are grounded in theoretical frameworks which makes him uniquely placed in understanding human and team behaviours to achieve and sustain success.

Jonny Cooper

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