Lessons In Business & Life From 50 Years of Entrepreneurship

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Session Details​

  • Speaker: John Teeling​​, Chairman - Great Northern Distillery, Explorer for Natural Resources, Entrepreneur 

  • Host: Elaine Carroll, CEO, All-Ireland Business Foundation

Masterclass Details

In this interactive session, John Teeling shares with us what he has learned from the last 50 years as one of Ireland’s leading entrepreneurs.


He will share his experiences of setting up a new venture and what it takes and how true passions come to the fore, as evidenced by his love of exploration and stock exchange speculation.However, it is his ‘whiskey journey’ that most of us will associate him with – and he will take us behind the scenes as to how it all came to pass. On top of all that John’s academic flair has seen him spend over 20 years lecturing in UCD, topped off with a Doctorate from Harvard Business School.


I’m sure we could all learn something from John’s journey and over 5 decades of experience as both an entrepreneur!

Meet The Speaker: John Teeling

Dr John Teeling is one of Ireland’s leading entrepreneurs.John’s long career has had many threads. In the 1970s while lecturing in Business Administration in UCD he speculated extensively on the Stock Exchange and was involved in numerous corporate restructures, Glen Abbey, Seafield and Dublin Gas.


In the 1980s he began to establish his own ventures.From 1983 onwards he established a number of Stock Exchange listed explorers. He currently chairs four having sold three in recent years. He explores for diamonds, gold, zinc and oil in Ireland, Africa and the Middle East.


John Teeling has led the renaissance in Irish whiskey. He established the first new distillery in 100 years in Cooley in 1987 and subsequently re-opened Lockes.The group was sold to Jim Beam in 2011.He then set up the Great Northern Distillery, on the former Harp Brewery site, which operates both single malt and grain distilleries on one site in Dundalk. It is now the second largest distilling company in Ireland. 


John, who lectured in Business Administration at University College Dublin for 20 years, holds degrees from University College Dublin (B. Comm, M. Econ. Sc), Wharton Business School of the University of Pennsylvania (M.B.A.) and a doctorate from Harvard Business School.


Dr. John Teeling is also the recipient of an All-Ireland Business Champion'award, an accolade bestowed upon him in regcognition of his achievements as an entrepreneur and also as a contributor to the Irish business community.

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