How To Sell Remotely When Nobody Wants To See You​

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Session Details​

  • Date: Wednesday, July 15th, 2020 

  • Speakers: Bernadette McClelland, High Content Speaker & Leadership Sales Coach and Elaine Carroll, MD, All-Ireland Business Foundation

Masterclass Details

In this eye-opening masterclass, Bernadette will explain the underlying factors that need to be considered when selling in a changing environment. The key learnings that you will take from this class will make you challenge and examine where and how you do business.

Topics Include The Following:

  • The four types of contacts to approach.

  • How to position yourself without sounding predatory?

  • Why speed is of utmost importance?

Meet The Speaker: Bernadette McClelland​

Bernadette McClelland is a leading sales keynote speaker, recognized as one of the ‘35 Most Influential Women In Sales Globally’ by SalesHacker.


A sales coach for Harvard Business School MBAs, APAC coach and speaker for Anthony Robbins, she has also written multiple successful books on sales and leadership.


Her passion lies in teaching sales professionals to be more like sales psychologists allowing them to drive greater revenue and deliver better results. You can checkout one of her books here on "The Art of Commercial Conversations: Drive Revenue. Increase Margins. Sell A Difference."

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